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India Exports | 2021 Data | 2022 Forecast | 1957-2020 Historical | Chart | News

India Exports | 2021 Data | 1957-2020 Historical | Chart

India Exports | 2021 Data | 2022 Forecast | 1957-2020 Historical | Chart | News

Exports from India rose 27.2 percent year-on-year to USD 30.04 billion in November of 2021, mainly driven by sales of petroleum products (154 %), coffee (67%), plastic, and linoleum (43%), and cotton and handloom products (41%). On the other hand, sales fell for iron ore (-93%), oil meals (-26%), tobacco (-18%), tea (-13%), and oilseeds (-12%).

source: Ministry of Commerce and Industry, India

Balance of Trade-23.27-19.73USD MillionNov/21
Imports52.9455.37USD billionNov/21
Exports30.0435.65USD billionNov/21

India Export in Recent Years

India exported mostly: pearls, precious and semi-precious stones and jewelry (16 percent of total shipments); mineral fuels, oils and waxes and bituminous substances (12 percent); vehicles, parts, and accessories (5 percent); nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances (5 percent); pharmaceutical products (5 percent); and organic chemicals (4 percent).

India’s main export partners are the United States (15 percent of the total exports), the United Arab Emirates (11 percent), Hong Kong (5 percent), China (4 percent), Singapore (4 percent), and the United Kingdom (3 percent).

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India Exports by Country

India Exports by CountryLastPrevious
United States541.98465.31INR BillionOct/21
United Arab Emirates181.68155.22INR BillionOct/21
China135.26123.32INR BillionOct/21
Netherlands74.8680.14INR BillionOct/21
Hong Kong74.2367.23INR BillionOct/21
Belgium67.1164.81INR BillionOct/21
Saudi Arabia64.9945.72INR BillionOct/21
Germany61.9358.74INR BillionOct/21
Nepal61.9361.67INR BillionOct/21
Australia54.8540.34INR BillionOct/21
Indonesia46.9645.42INR BillionOct/21
Japan45.3636.91INR BillionOct/21
South Africa44.7335.14INR BillionOct/21
Singapore42.7563.10INR BillionOct/21
Malaysia39.9326.20INR BillionOct/21
Brazil38.9143.36INR BillionOct/21
Italy38.6558.22INR BillionOct/21
France38.0234.43INR BillionOct/21
Sri Lanka37.1123.22INR BillionOct/21

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India Export By Category Chart

India Exports by CategoryLastPrevious
Non Basmati Rice255822.70218528.02INR MillionOct/21
Non Basmati Rice37189.9040626.85INR MillionOct/21
gems & Jewellery-total31241.0923259.55INR TMLOct/21
gems & Jewellery-cut & Polished Diamo19178.5014028.04INR TMLOct/21
Gems & Jewellery- Rough Diamonds4135.20912.45INR TMLOct/21
gems & Jewellery-gold Jewellery3033.761966.18INR TMLOct/21
Manufactured Goods1931.511789.22INR BillionOct/21
gems & Jewellery-silver Jewellery1703.571578.71INR TMLOct/21
Engineered Goods704.22694.14INR BillionOct/21
Chemical & Products368.92343.92INR BillionOct/21
Agricultural Products294.95269.93INR BillionOct/21
gems & Jewellery-coloured Gemstones234.87217.44INR TMLOct/21
Textile Excl. Ready-made Garments154.58147.95INR BillionOct/21
Electronic Goods100.9986.07INR BillionOct/21
gems & Jewellery-gold Medallions & Co94.210.00INR TMLOct/21
Leather & Products27.7928.32INR BillionOct/21
Ores & Minerals24.0922.50INR BillionOct/21
gems & Jewellery-synthetic Stones19.350.68INR TMLOct/21
Handicrafts Excl. Hand-made Carpets14.9113.64INR BillionOct/21

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